Monday, July 7, 2008

This Digital Imigrant Now Has a Blog (Inspired by my son and daughter in law)

Well I'll be (stopped in my forward progression!). I have a thing called a blog. It is entitled "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost", a quote from Lord of the Rings and somewhat befitting my summer rambles through Europe and my disorderly reading habits. I've no idea why anyone would be interested in the least to read anything I have to say, but since I am free to say it, so I shall.

It is inspired in it's creation by my son Mark's witty, sharp blog posts and my daughter in law Stephanie's love-of-life postings. You should check them out!

I am a teacher of AP Art History and AP Economics, so you can expect much about art and much about politics and the economy from me. If you are a typical Utahn you're not going to like the politics much, but I do hope you like the comments you'll get about painting, sculpture, architecture, travel, and the lates book I'm reading.

Expect wandering of the world and wanderings of the mind, neither of which head toward any particular destination. Remember, "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost."


markolopia (mahrk-uh-LOHP-i-uh) said...

Excellent. I'm looking forward to a good Democrat getting a word in around here! Welcome to the blogosphere.

Stephanie Oram said...

You've joined the ranks! wahoo!

Andra said...

I can't believe that no where on your blog did you talk about being a director of plays!! Come on!!